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Vintage JJ Jonette Jewelry Necklace With Leopard Print 1970s-80s

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This JJ jewelry necklace has an African theme with a leopard print medallion and charms. The overall length of the leather rope is approximately 29 inches long. The center medallion, which measures 2-1/4 inches in diameter, has a leopard print fabric and the metal is a gold tone color. There are three charms hanging from the medallion: a zebra, a leopard and a symbol of some sort. It is in good condition. I am not sure of the age but I have had it in my personal collection for over 20 years and I bought it an antique shop.

J.J. is the registered trademark of the Jonette Jewelry Co. Which was founded in 1935. Chelsea Pewter acquired the copyrights to the JJ designs in 2007.