Why Do We Collect Things?

I think everyone has some desire to collect something. People who say they don't, probably aren't even aware they do. We once had someone come into our antique shop who collected vintage toilet paper! Actually we had a vintage roll. Another gentleman collected corsets.

Collectors sometimes border on hoarding. I, for one, am a little like that. My husband often asks me "why are you saving that?" Usually I don't have an answer except to respond that I might have a use for it someday. Quite often I do.

Perhaps collecting is an innate quality. It is the need to have things that are our very own.

We started out collecting Wavecrest porcelain because we found a Wavecrest glove box in one of the rooms of the old farmhouse we bought. Over the years, we collected over 30 pieces.

After that we collected Department 56 houses, Tom Clark figurines and ETC Fish hammered brass plates, bookends, etc. of which we have over 22 pieces. We do prize those because Edgar Fish made those pieces during the Arts and Crafts Period and lived nearby.

As we get older the need to "weed out" our possessions becomes a little more pressing. Then comes the dilemma, what do we keep and what do we dispose of? But we could do it the age old way, let the next generation do it for us.

Perhaps a piece of jewelry from a particular era may strike your fancy and that will start you collecting more pieces from that time period. Older period jewelry is quite collectible by young women today. My 21 year old granddaughter loves anything from the 40's and a dear young friend loves the 50's. Having lived during those years, I am with the techie generation. Love the electronics!

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